LuckAndTroubleLuck and Trouble is the band’s first self-recorded album. We wanted to record our third album using current technology to save money and have total creative control, which we believe that we achieved.  It’s something totally organic we can call all our own. We did all the recording, mixing, photography and graphics layout.

With all the fun and challenges that come with a do-it-yourself recording, Tequila Mockingbird experienced their own highs and lows throughout the journey of bringing their own vision to life. They wrote all but one of the nine original songs, showcasing their maturity, strength and diversity as writers. By taking time to do things their way, they had the space and freedom to have fun, let their quirks run amok and bring out the best in each other through their own creative pace. Tequila Mockingbird | Website

All Songs written by Wendy Clark, Daniel Paschke, Mark Mauldin, and Eric Shiveley. All Songs recorded by Tequila Mockingbird, Gustav Hoffman on Trombone on La Carta Recorded/engineered by: Rhett Honey Produced by: Bill Thomas recorded at: Lazy-Bird Studios Mastered at: Airshow Mastering by Dave Glasser Luck and Trouble Tequila Mockingbird © Copyright-Tequila Mockingbird Music (880074012426) Record Label: Tequila Mockingbird released 12 February 2010 Tequila Mockingbird

The point of our band is to give people a refreshing dose of sing-along hooks and an intelligent variety of lyrics to consume and apply to their lives. We write to tell stories and to ask questions, hoping that our audience will find themselves in a bit of what we say and relate it to their lives.
“No doubt the song-stories on Luck and Trouble will touch listeners with their meaning as well as get them on their feet, hairbrush-as-microphone in hand, to rejoice in all the fun and good feelings of Tequila Mockingbird.” -Spunky PR

Sounds like: Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, The Pretenders, Brendan Benson,  Material Issue